How to Choose the Right Kayak to Suit Your Needs


While it’s tempting to jump right into buying your sit-on-top kayak and gears immediately and start paddling, it’s important to know what exactly it is that you need. Otherwise, you’ll potentially be wasting money on kayak equipment that is too big, too small, unnecessary, and overall unsuitable. We are here to make that easy for you


Whether you’re looking for kayaks for beginners or more experienced ones, before you go shopping, read these tips to have a more enjoyable and meaningful kayaking experience.

What Activities Are You Planning to do?

Are you planning to go on fishing? Ocean surfing and cruising? Or Touring and Diving? Answering these questions will lead you to the right track.

  • Casual

An all-purpose kayak that will be easy to take out into most situations. These will be generally shorter and lighter kayaks making it easy to take with you and use on the spur of the moment.

  • Fishing

Any kayak can be used for fishing. Today, however, your wanting a kayak that’s focused on stability. The extras to make fishing easy are endless rod holders, accessible dry wells, fish finders, anchors and more! You might want to specialise for the places you want to fish small rivers youll want a shorter kayak to manoeuvre. Wanting to go in open water for salt water fishing longer will be better for the speed, tracking and will deal better with swell.


  • Touring and Scuba Diving

Touring kayaks are narrower, longer and faster in the water than fishing kayaks. They are made for longer distance paddling and may have tank and cargo wells for diving tanks and other diving or snorkelling equipment. An example of this is  around 480cm long and 53 to 60cm wide, but lighter ones can be around 370cm long and 60 to 66cm wide and behaves like a hybrid of recreational and touring kayaks.


Will You Paddle Alone?

If you are planning to paddle alone, going for a single kayak is the best option, we always do recommend taking safety precautions if you do want to go out on your own. If you plan to go with a someone most of the time, then it would be great to have a tandem kayak. However, even though you can use it for solo trips, common tandem kayaks for sale might not be able to provide the same performance as the solo kayak due to its size and your sitting position.



Consider the weight and size of the kayak when its not in the water. If your comfortable transporting your kayak your likely to use it more.


Hull Types and Uses

Hull types affect the performance of your sit-on-top kayak, just as much as the width and length. Here are the most common types of hull to look for:

Flat Hull – Provides more primary stability. This can be great for slow cruising and for fishing – a good kayak for beginners.

Round Hull – for manoeuvrability and secondary stability and gaining speed.

V-Shaped Hull – Best for gaining speed and tracking straight lines, and offers secondary stability. This can increase surfing performance.

Pontoon Hull – Combined primary and secondary stability, but slower. Best for wildlife photography or fishing.


How long are you planning to paddle?

Many take this factor for granted when choosing sit-on-top kayaks. However, it’s important to consider the time you plan to paddle and your physical fitness level, along with the previously mentioned factors, in buying your kayak.

Shorter and wider kayaks with flatter hulls can be more tiring to paddle. While you might be planning to be stationary for the most part, it is an important consideration for your overall experience and your ability to explore. Longer and narrower kayaks can cover more territory and with easier paddling, but can trade off stability for this. Make sure to know your limits to ensure safety.


Being spontaneous can be good, but not when you’re buying kayaks! Make sure to take note of key considerations, know your limits, and do your research. While this article may not cover everything you need to know before buying your kayaks, this should give you the main idea and key factors to look for.


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